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We employ the latest in modern lasering technology coupled with GIA certifications to offer quality laser engraving of Disney characters to our inventory of high quality diamonds. This technology allows us to accurately and discreetly laser images and text onto the surface of a diamond without it losing its integrity.

Laser Engraved Disney Characters

This allows a quick and easy way of identifying the stones and find an identifying graphic and/or registry number using a jeweler’s loupe to examine the girdle. A very precise and narrow focus laser beam is used to inscribe the edge of the diamond without any adverse effect on the color, clarity or light performance of the gemstone. Due to the fact that diamonds are carbon-based gems, the resulting inscription is always black. Contrary to common belief, the inscriptions are not "printed" using ink on the diamond surface but rather the intense light actually lightly burns the images onto the surface of the stone. In the case of very small diamonds it might be necessary to view the laser inscription with the help of a microscope.

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